Are you curious about getting a Racelift but not sure if it's the right procedure to suite your needs?

Check out our FAQ SECTION from actual IERM client's like yourself:
Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the procedure and the after effects of your new ethnicity.

Does it hurt?
All RaceLift procedures are overseen by an Ivy league trained anesthesiologist, so you won't feel a thing. We also offer outpatient care, at an extra cost, to those in recovery.

Is it ethical?
Answer not available at this time.

Will it affect my religion?
Changing your race is a big decision and it will affect many aspects of your beliefs as well as your personality. Many clients of IERM have found that after the procedure they have an altered perspective on science and its role in religious practices. At IERM we encourage an open mind but know that your heart can be your only guide when making decisions that may affect your spirituality.

How long does it take to recover?
The answer varies with each client. However, at an extra cost you can stay at one of IERM's beautiful and relaxing spa's and recover in style!

Will people of my new race be able to tell that I am Bi-Fracial?
We can do our part by making you the look the part, but it is up to you to learn the appropriate cultural mannerisms and language/ebonics. For an extra cost we offer a variety of classes that will help you to assimilate to your new ethnicity.

How do I tell my family?
Many are concerned about how their families will take the news of Bi-Fraciality for the first time. However, at an extra cost we offer the services of our Ivy League trained councilors to help advise you.

How easy is it to adapt to my new identity?
At an extra cost, we offer a plethora of classes that will ease you into your new ethnicity without a hitch. Call one of our operators for more information.

Can I change back if I want to?
Like any plastic surgery it is possible to change back within reason if absolutely necessary. However, we strongly recommend our counseling and psychological screening services to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. It is important that you consider all information very carefully before you make a decision! We do NOT do refunds and IERM is not responsible for any physiological repercussions that may occur after the procedure.

Do I qualify for the 'race specific' scholarships and grants of my new ethnicity?
Those scholarships depend on many things, such as your families background and experiences. So the answer is no. Your new race is merely a new "shell", it will not affect who your ancestors are.

Do you do mixed ethnicities?
Of course! We love experimenting with mixing races!

How many times can I change my race?
Like everything, it's good to do things in moderation. We recommend not exceeding four (4) races in a lifetime.

Will my RaceLift fade? What will I look like as I age?
Bone structure alterations maintain their integrity throughout the years but rest assured depending on what skin tone you pick and on your adaptation to the pigment injection, your skin color could become muddled over time. Like any surgery you will age normally. However at an extra cost, we offer a yearly "top up" for your new ethnicity, to make sure you look your ethnic best at any age.

Do you change eye color permanently?
We are currently working on the technology to change eye color permanently, however the technology is not yet available. We do offer special colored contacts at an extra cost.

Do you do birth marks?
We can add or subtract birth marks of every kind.

Can I pick my skin color pigment? Or can I bring in a friend as an example of pigment?
We have a wide variety of pigments to suite your needs. If you bring a friend, at an extra cost we can attempt to match your new color to that of your buddy. It is important to note however, that our bodies react to things differently. A certain skin pigment on your friend may look different on you. At IERM we have Ivy League trained professionals to help you decide what pigment is right for your skin type.

What are my rights as a Bi-Fracial person?
See Press section.

Are there any restrictions to what race I can be to what race I currently am?
Unfortunately, The United States Government is making it difficult for those of Arab Nationalities and Ethnicities to adopt certain races common to North America and have implemented a lottery system to decide who can qualify. ACLU lawyers are fighting this horrific law. Stay turned for updates.

If I switch my race to a Native North American, do I have to work at a casino?
This is a very good question, and a common one. No, you are not required to work in the casino and/or resort business on a reservation if you are not so inclined. However, it is important to note that proper assimilation to any of the Native American races sometimes will require an effort to placed on certain aspects of a specific culture.

Will people of my new race accept me?
Hard to say. We promote encourage acceptance of all ethnicities around the globe. Remember that just being Bi-Fracial makes you unique and special.

Before picture
Taiwanese to
After picture

My nanny growing up was Mexican and I always felt closer to her then my own parents. So I made the switch. I'm talking IERM's Cultural Integration Workshops to learn my new customs like Dia De Los Muertos and making burritos.

Juan Ouyangting.