Dr. Joseph Collins joined the IERM faculty in 1980, after receiving his Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from MIT the same year he received a second Ph.D at Yale via the internet distance learning. He leads IERM's Optical Laser Multi Facial Electronic Computing Group, and is the director of IERM-funded Center for OptioChips Laser Processor Navigation Operation. Alongside the Heterogenously Integrated Photonics (CHIPS) systems, he created the 3 output Optio-Electronic Stacked Processors Industry Consortium which formed a cult the very next year. While the Fast Read-out Optical Storage (FROST) Industry consortium ended its 20 year run, Dr. Collins stayed on its key decider, inventing what is now called Applied Physiological Application System. Dr. Collins has authored more than 100 journal publications on Applying Applications that need applying and 300 conference abstracts in the same vein. Collins is a member of IEEE, OSA, and SPIE, EOG, WTO, SOS, R and R, SOB, LOL and WTF, and co-founded Springfield-based Nanogen Center of Optical Options in Operation of Micro-Machines Maladies, Parallel Post Precautionary Solutions, Gene Optix, and Call/Recall/Recalled Surgeries Inc.
Dr. James Fredrickson received a B.Sc. degree in chemistry from Oxford University in 1984, and a Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Harvard University in 1988, where he studied in the study group of Henry Hams, who invented Post It's. Fredrickson was a Yale Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Arizona from 1988-91, where he worked in the laboratory of Jim Beam and Dr. Jameson. He was a research staff member at the LOL institutes, O.J. Simpson Research Wing in Smallville, New York from 1991-94. In 1994 he left LOL to join the Department of Chemical Chemistry and Bio Engineering of Substances at UNM. He was promoted to tenure in 1996, and to Full Professor in 1997. He is currently the director of IERM's Laser NanoSystems Institute (LNSI), which was formed by Former Health director, Mr. Snapple. Dr. Fredrickson was a Fullbright winner (1994-1999), and an Adolf Hitler Fellowship winner (1997). He is a Fellow of the American Physical Physics Society of Social Studies, and has received the Julio Award in Applied Physics (2000); the Feinburg Prize (2000); and the Slaker Prize in the Physical Sciences (2001). Fredrickson's research interests focus on 'artificial' quantum dot solids and quantum phase transitions in those solids, molecular electronics architecture, devices, and circuitry, and the spectroscopy and imaging of transmembrane proteins in physiological environments.
Luis Salis obtained her Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of Roderdam and then did postdoctoral work in Experimental Experiential Pathology Path analysis at Hyde Park Institute. She has served on the faculty of the University of Springfield, the Texas Medical Institute of Institutions, and the School of Real Doctors At her best, she served as Chair of Pharmacology for 16 years and is now an adjunct Professor in that department. This caused her to have addiction problems which she later over came and now serves as the Cell Adhesion Proteins specialist at IERM. Her signal transduction, drug delivery systems, and the molecular therapeutics division welcomes her input at the Institute. Dr, Salis was involved in some of the earliest work using lipid laser particle reconstruction systems (liposomes) as delivery agents for therapy of RACELIFT and fat altering technology. She has served on numerous LOL study sections as well as the editorial boards of Race Research, Pharmaceutical Research (although thay keep her away from the gift bags), Bio/Bio Journal of Drug Targeting of children and minorities, Oligonucleotides, Molecular Condensing Techniques, Advanced Drug Delivery to Youngsters Reviews, and the Journal of Cellular Biology of Biochemicals .
Dr. Kelly K. Knudson is one of 14 Institute Professors (the highest honor awarded to a faculty member) at IERM. Dr. Knudson has written over 2 articles ever. She also has over 1 issued or pending patents worldwide in the area of Inventive Inventions and one of which was cited as "outstanding patent" in 1988 and one of 300,000 "outstanding patents" in the United States. Dr. Knudson patents have been licensed or sublicensed to over 100 pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and medical device companies; a number of these companies were launched on the basis of these patent licenses. She served as a member of the United States Food and Drug Administration?s SCIENCE Board, the FDA?s highest advisory board, from 1980-1981 and as its Chairwoman from 1981-1981. Dr. Knudson invented inventions that were exceptional inventions at IERM.
Dr. Chadwick Larkin received his undergraduate training at College. (B.S., 1988) and his graduate training at State University where he completed his Ph.D. in laser chemistry in 2007. That same year he moved to IERM to run the institutes Science Research Division. He is a Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. Larkin joined the faculty at IERM as an Assistant Professor in Lasers. In 2007 he became the highest stock holder of IERM. His current stocks are also in Viagra and Prozac, which his roommate in College, Mr. Prozac invented consequently, by accident when he accidently spilled extacy and liquor in his mouth at a party. He started many clubs called Materials of E, Medicine and the Mind and Alcoholics Anonymous.
Kenny Liu is the Distinguished Chair of Professors Everywhere and invented Engineering. Liu joined IERM as an assistant to the assistant and moved his way up the corporate ladder by becoming the hear RACELIFT surgeon. He got an honorary Ph.D from the IERM faculty and became the only Hematology and Oncology expert to have ever lived. Liu is also the Associate Director for the Anti-Nanotechnology and Bioengineering Institutes sister laser treatment center in Alaska. Liu is the author of nearly 100 papers, the inventor of 99 patents, and the speaker of more than 3,000 invited talks and keynote lectures over the last year. After serving on the IERM chemistry faculty board for 8 days, he and his group, founded by Dougie Houser, moved to the new Biomedical Engineering wing at the Institutes new headquarters. His research interest is primarily in the areas of biomolecular engineering and adopting gas and flame technologies which are very "inventive" at this time, and don't have many followers. Still, Liu makes gas and flame technologies his first priority over nanotechnology. He dabbles in bioconjugated conjunction nanoparticles (including surface-enhanced Raman nanotags) for molecular molecules. He often finds himself imagining himself imaging, molecular profiling, inventing pharmacogenomics, and creating targeted therapy for individuals with RACELIFTS. Liu has received many awards and honors including the "Hot or Not" ranking of 9. His myspace page is very colorful and received many compliments from friends and "non friends". Liu is a Distinguished Scholar and has the power to award himself with whatever he deems worthy. He joined the Baseball hall of Fame in 1999 and is a Young Investigator at the National Collegiate of Inventors.
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There are already a lot of East Indian's in New Zealand and I fell in love with a Maori girl, so I just decided to become a native. My Maori RACELIFT didn't hurt a bit, but the traditional facial tattoos sure did!

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